Our Story

Our Story

The Four Ps of Creativity

Leijas is a purpose-driven agency for purpose-driven brands. We pick up where the traditional agency model has fallen short, which means that we don’t start with a “campaign” idea. We believe that for a brand to truly stand out, it first has to look inside and embrace its purpose. When a brand acts in its truest sense of itself, only then can it add value for consumers. To deliver on this, an agency needs to foster a culture of creativity - at Leijas, we do this through what we call the 4Ps of Creativity: Purpose, People, Process and Progress.



We Don’t Create Disposable Advertising.

At Leijas our purpose is to help brands be the best versions of themselves, getting at the core of why they exist in the first place. That's why we partner with you to solve business problems, and build brands that people can believe in-stories that are impossible to throw away.



Those who follow the crowd usually get lost in it.

It takes a certain type of person to be able to work at Leijas. One who’s looking to grow, get out of their comfort zone and take charge. We know in order to accelerate your business, we first need to nurture the talent in our own four walls.

Meet our growing team…

Eric Rojas

CCO | Partner

Eric believes the battle is won or lost in the preparation. Which is why his relentless desire to improve himself and those around him has no known off switch. He's passionate about God, family, work and building solid lasting relationships with people he meets. Eric can always be found around the office building something, whether it’s strategy, creative, production or the next office chair from Amazon—it's in his DNA to build, build, build.

Jennnifer Lo Sicco

Brand Mother

To be good at your job in this industry, one needs to be culturally relevant outside of work. Jen has travelled to over 30 countries, lived in 3 of them and married a Swede. That qualifies, right? She has immersed herself in local culture, believes in hanging with locals versus sticking to tourist traps and adopted the mentality of always saying yes to new things a long time ago. She has also been mistaken for a doctor. She wishes it's due to her elaborate knowledge of medicine but it has more to do with her looking like her identical twin sister, Dr. Lo Sicco. Who needs a doctor when you have a resident Brand Mother.

Emma Wood

Art Director

Emma can talk all things Real Housewives, failed Pinterest recipes, and Cher. She loves a well designed restaurant menu, faux fur, and mentally rearranging people's living rooms. On her endless quest to find her next creative outlet she's acquired an obscene amount of useless skills and craft store reward cards.

Adam Mania


Adam used to swim in briefs (he’s a former Olympic swimmer). Now he's commanded by them. When he's not shredding air guitar in the hallways at work, he's crafting copy and using words like bedlam and scoundrel. Feared by kebabs everywhere, if you're chargrilled and on a stick, you're in his crosshairs.

Joshua Bull

Senior Art Director

Joshua enjoys breaking things. Or at least he did when he was a kid. He spent his teenage years breaking down computers and rebuilding them because curiosity always drove him to ask ‘how does this work?’ And sure, he got into trouble, but he also learned a lot about the power of asking why, and how passion and persistence can nearly always yield awesome results.

Rafael Valente

Senior Art Director

Rafael's enthusiasm about design and concepting is unmatched at the agency. BUT outside of these walls, it's caused him to get into a bit of trouble. Whether he's lifting too much, surfing waves bigger than he should or just dancing too hard, Rafael has one speed...All In!

Gabe Pechia

Junior Designer

Passion is something that has always been at Gabe's core. Coming from an Argentine family Gabe learned about passion from football, whether it be rooting for his favorite teams or leaving everything on the pitch. Passion has pushed him to go out and get whatever he wants or puts his mind to. From music to art and design; if he wants it, he'll achieve it.

Sasha Gitin

Studio Director & Photographer

Sasha was born under Europe’s last dictatorship, married by a shaman in Mexico, and once crossed the Amazon in a canoe. Father to three good looking and occasionally obedient children, his finer skills involve turning creative ideas into engaging images, planting things to watch them grow, and brewing fine tea. Ask about his oolong - it’s to die for.

Oscar Caldera

Tech Lead

Oscar's vast experience within every facet of the digital world makes him a force of digital nature. BUT it is his Chilean spirit that makes him a joy to have around the office. Whether he's QAing a new site or helping develop the next great platform, his positive attitude is contagious. We’ve all come down with a case of it.

Axel Niemhaus

Music Director

Axel is our partner when it comes to all things music. For the latest trap beat for your next big launch, to iconic brand mnemonics that will stick with you for years to come, Haus music delivers every time. Oh and did we mention that they have over 100 composers worldwide?

Einy Sparks

Video Editor

Einy is a storyteller and a mover. Whether in the editing room, in the dance studio or in life, she's always on the lookout for those connectors and transitions that are so crucial to stringing together all the little pieces to communicate the story. In the end, everything is movement.

Tyler Sparks


Florida man, Tyler Sparks escaped to the north where he spends his time trying to convince New Yorkers NASCAR is in fact interesting. Armed heavily with Motion Graphics skills and a heck of an eye for shooting film you can catch him spending late nights either in front of a computer making clients happy or on the side of a mountain refueling his soul.

Liz Kryshack

Account Executive

Liz will eat any food at least once, even without knowing what it is. Most people relate this to her inherent need for adventure and ability to take risks; some say it's because she wants to be Anthony Bourdain - she thinks it is a mix of both. Her adaptability, exaggerated facial expressions and infatuation with all things dramatic would make her an ideal candidate for the next VH1 reality series, however, she prefers life on the other side of the lens and counts people watching in NYC parks as a favorite pastime.

Hulk Hogan

Key Manager

Hulk has been a part of the team since we opened our doors. Which is why we bestowed him with the honorable title of key manager, guardian of the men's bathroom door and let me tell you he's seen some things. With his solid muscles and perfectly styled hair, he's our go-to guy when you gotta go.



Our only proprietary process is that we listen.

What we bring to every client engagement is the strong and honest desire to listen. This is how we meet every client problem completely emptied of bias. The result is our ability to deliver a truly original perspective for each and every client we work with.



Making a difference is the only thing that matters.

We strive to constantly advance a client’s purpose while helping our people to grow. This starts with a simple question: Have we done our job? Have we helped our client and each other to move unquestionable forward. Do we feel that we’re doing better, smarter work? Have we made a difference in our community and the world.